A List Of Words I Can’t Spell

Shout out to me, aka the girl who can’t spell anything to save her life!!! Why can’t I spell you ask? Honestly I don’t know. Here’s a list that I’ll update periodically along with the way I usually spell them:

#1 All of my friends names and last names

#2 Tounge (Tongue)

#3 Mosturizer (Moisturizer)

#4 Scource (Source)

#5 Preciesely (Precisely)

#6 Buisness (Business)

#7 Restrant (Resturant) (wait I really don’t know how its spelled) (Restaurant?)

#8 Tramatized (Traumatized)

#9 Crosaint (Croissant)

#10 Contientious (Conscientious)

#11 Recite (Reciept) (Receipt)

-Note to self: Learn “i before e rules”

#12 Dilema (Dilemma)

#13 Vacumn (Vaccum?) (VACUUM)

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