My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time to bring back the blog after a month-long hiatus. I’m feeling particularly happy tonight which, to be honest, hasn’t happened much lately because the end of this year has truly sucked (I’m talking to you Fall Quarter 2016)! This has been one of the most important years of my entire life. After a dreadful four years of three different high schools, I was able to find my new home at UC Davis and I couldn’t have asked for a better freshman year! I never thought coming to college would have changed me as much as it did. I’ve had some crazy new experiences, become more open-minded, and finally feel like I’m truly starting to know who I am.

Anyone who knows me well enough probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that I’m totally the type of person who loves making (and keeping) New Year’s Resolutions! Like I said, last year I was striving to better myself, so some of my resolutions were: get a job, maintain my GPA, feel secure in my choice of major, work out three times a week, not getting bored as easily, and being more open-minded and less judgmental. Can you believe it?! I accomplished all of these! The only ones I didn’t manage to fulfill were wearing bright lipstick once a week, stretching more, and getting 5 pull ups (I made it to 3.5) and reading more.

While I loved the majority of 2016, these last couple of months have been brutal! School isn’t fun anymore, life outside of the dorms is less exciting, and I’m struggling to find inspiration and a sense of direction and purpose. I feel myself either longing for the past or trying to skip ahead to the future. Therefore, the theme for 2017 will be…DRUMROLL PLEASE…living each day to the fullest! I want to be happy in the present. I want to live simply, yet happily. I want to cherish the sweet moments, my lovely friendships, and experiences.

So here they are, my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions published for the world to see so please keep me accountable! The key is to organize them and make them so doable that you’re just lazy if you don’t! I promise you I will keep almost all of these.



Post a blog post 2x a month (thank you to all my patient fans…all three of you!)

Find 1 inspiring outfit a month and try to copy it

Do a fancy makeup and/or hair look 3x a month

Do one exciting thing each weekend that makes you happy



Meditate, yoga, stretch 3x a week

Sing 1x a week in the shower

Workout 3x a week

Get 5 pull ups (if I don’t get it this year I probably never will)

Every night before bed: highlight of day and one thing you’re grateful for



Become happy being alone: try getting coffee/ going to restaurants alone; go on walks

Make new friends! Reach out to one new person a month who seem interesting to hang out with (I’m a friend snob)



Maintain 3.5+ GPA

Watch one documentary a month (I just watched Minimalism and it changed my life)


And there you have it my friends. I’ll always have a special place for 2016 in my heart (BRB CRYING) but I’m so excited for this new year to start! If you have any resolutions leave them in the comments below!

Also, if for whatever reason you’re wondering what I listened to in 2016, Spotify took the liberty of making a playlist for me of all my most listened to songs from this year! If you thought I was basic before, just wait until you see this playlist.


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