2 DIY Revitalizing Skincare Recipes + Life Update

I’mmmmm Baaaaacccckkkk!


Clearly my new years resolution to make two blog posts a month has been off to a rocky start, but I’ve been seriously busy so I’m sorry! It’s amazing how much my life has changed within this last year. While moving in to my own apartment was fun and exciting, I slowly started to feel like I had lost that sense of community that I once dearly treasured in the dorms. Life became more about homework and figuring out what I would eat for three meals a day. I’m not gonna lie, the first half of sophomore year SUCKED. But I’m back and better than ever! I’ve been surrounding myself with people and activities that make me feel fulfilled and happy.


Here’s what I’ve been up to:


  1. I started a sorority! Yes. You read that right. Coming into college I had it very clear in my mind that Greek Life was the spawn of Satan and it was something  I would NEVER participate in. However, after leaving the bubble that was the dorms, I started to realize just how big my university is and I started to feel the need for a community. I saw how much fun everyone else was having being in a sorority, but at the same time I still didn’t want to be part of the crazy superficial tier system and lack of morals that came with it. THAT’S WHEN I FOUND ALPHA DELTA PI. If you don’t know this already, ADPi was the first sorority EVER; it was founded by a small group of girls in 1851 in Georgia. When I found out that a new chapter was starting back in January on my campus I was a hesitant to join, but I figured I wouldn’t lose anything by just checking it out! If I’m being honest, I hated it at first. It was 100 girls thrown together all at once and I was very overwhelmed. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the amazing ADPi alumnas, Hannah and Shelby, I 100% would have dropped in a minute (shoutout to them if they end up reading this). Since then, my colony has been officially installed as a chapter, the girls and I have been initiated, and I even found my way onto the executive board of the chapter as the Recruitment and Marketing Vice President! While it is still overwhelming at times, I’m starting to really love ADPi and all of my really awesome sisters! We are such a diverse crowd and have so much to give to our campus. If you’re thinking to yourself “omg Laili WOULD start her own sorority. I’m not even surprised.” then good! Trust me I’ve heard it all.


  1. I joined an a capella group!SURPRISE! I SING! Its been about two weeks since I joined the Lounge Lizards and I can honestly say I’m in love! We’re a quirky bunch but in the best possible way. Since day one the group has been super warm and welcoming and I’m already learning so much and becoming a better singer. They even showed up at my door at 11pm on a weekday to serenade my to tell me I had made the group! Love them.


  1. I’ve just hit my one year anniversary at my job!I’ve been working as a student assistant at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department for a full year now and it’s the best job a girl could ask for. Even though at twenty years old I’m the youngest person in the office I still feel like all the adults all my friends. Now that I’ve been here for over a year my responsibilities have really changed. I used to just file paperwork and answer phones but now I’m planning events, helping with visiting scholars from all over the world, and becoming a lot closer to a lot of the faculty in this department! Go engineers!



With everything going on I definitely feel like my life is hectic. Balancing good grades, extracurricular, sleep, a social life, exercising, eating right, this blog, etc., makes me feel like I’m on the move non-stop. That being said I ALWAYS make sure I have time for myself! Here are two all natural DIY skin care recipes that I swear by! I use both of these about three times a week and I can honestly say I’ve noticed a huge change in the texture and overall appearance of my skin.




Turmeric: the secret spice of the East! This stuff is amazing! It has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants which prevents aging

Greek Yogurt: Its like bathing in milk aka silky soft skin!

Honey: I literally put honey on everything. It’s amazing AND its super hydrating to the skin

Lemon: Since lemons are acidic they are a natural chemical exfoliant that will help make the skin appear more vibrant


DSC_0325 (1)



2 spoons white sugar

1 spoon brown sugar

1 spoon olive oil

1 spoon coconut oil


This mixture is amazing! I just mix it all together and bring it in the shower with me. I’ll use this about three times a week after my body wash. The scrub does its job and then the sugar melts away leaving hydrated and soft skin. The BEST part is that you don’t have to bother putting lotion on after your shower!

WARNING: The oil in the scrub can leave your tub a little slippery so just be very careful when maneuvering around the shower!!!


I hope you guys enjoyed these all natural DIY skincare recipes! I truly love them and I’m so excited to share them with all my readers! Please leave any comments or questions below and definitely let me know if you end up making either of these.

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