Summer and Sunflowers OOTD ft. Brooklyn

Summers in Davis are not as hot or as gross as everyone scared me into believing they would be. This summer is the first time I’ve ever taken any form of summer school and although I’d rather be traveling the world or sitting on a beach like all my friends seem to be doing (thanks social media…), I’m finding joy in the beauties of this quaint town.

During the school year my schedule is all over the place and planning my outfits ahead of time (usually an entire week before because I’m psycho) is a must, but during the summer my days are consistent and relaxed and as a result so are my outfit choices. This summer I’ve been really feeling the bohemian vibes. I love the loose fabrics, fun prints, and earthy toned colors.

For today’s excursion I knew my usual dress or shorts wouldn’t be ideal so I went with my sturdy Levi jeans (featured in my last blog post), a casual tucked in loose fitting tank, and a sunhat. I think the red adds a nice pop of color to the outfit and looks especially good with the yellow sunflowers.

Not pictured: The taupe booties I was wearing before having to take them off and go barefoot into the muddy fields #dedication


Obsessed with my new choker necklace from Free People! It really enhances any outfit and definitely fits the bohemian summer vibe I was talking about.



My friend Brooklyn Cullen is the cutest person who has ever come into my life. Shoutout to her for inviting me to the sunflower fields in the first place and then agreeing to wake up at six in the morning to get the perfect lighting for this blog post. She’s about a million times cuter than me and I envy her incredible taste. When I asked Brooklyn about how she chose her outfit she said “I wore a simple summer outfit and makeup to compliment the sunflowers and be a part of the field rather than upstage it”. She even said “in my mind sunhats and a sunflower field go hand in hand”. Clearly we’re both embracing bohemian vibes for the summer!


Summer has just begun and I’m so excited to go on many more adventures! If you have any blog post ideas or places I should check out this summer leave them in the comments below.


Thank you to Brian for taking more amazing photos!!!

Laili’s Outfit Details

Hat: Forever 21

Choker: Free People

Tank Top: Irene’s Story

Jeans: Levis from Anthropologie

Brooklyn’s Outfit Details

Hat: LF Stores

Dress: LF Stores

Necklace: Etsy

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