Back To School OOTD

SHE IS BACK. After a brief vacation (some call it sorority recruitment), I’m back on the blog with some new content to get you ready for this new school year. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my style since I started college. My first year of college I was still in my Taylor Swift obsessed phase and wore polka dots and stripes every day. My second year I spent my entire summer and winter breaks working at Anthropologie so feminine/bohemian threw up in my closet. As I begin my third year in college (where has the time gone), I find my style becoming a little more simplistic, urban, and edgy. My leather jacket has been making an appearance most days of the week and I’ve upgraded my denim game.

Some time late last spring I watched the documentary Minimalism, on Netflix, about three or four times. Since my conversion to a minimalist life style, I’ve completely decluttered my life as well as my closet. Basically anything in my closet that I don’t LOVE was donated. Although I am left with significantly less clothes than I used to own and rewear outfits on a regular basis, I feel like my closet has never been better and has never been more true to my style. I walk out of the house each day feeling great and put-together. (Also yes, I did cut and color my hair. Thanks for noticing!)




I’ve been OBSESSED with chokers lately. I found this beauty at World Market when I was shopping for pillows. I left the store that day with two new chokers and zero new pillows. Typical.

DSC_0463This is a typical outfit I would wear any day of the week. Its simple, cute, and comfortable. I paired these straight-legged jeans with a simple striped tank and threw on my heeled booties and leather jacket. These jeans are a recent favorite of mine; I love the relaxed fit as well as the distressed ankle. They really spruce up any outfit and are great for someone trying to venture away from the typical skinny jean. I got them buy one get on free off of Pacsun and I literally get compliments every time I wear them! My old black booties were so worn that the bottom part literally came off as I was walking one day. I took advantage of this and did what any good minimalist would do: I bought one pair of really nice quality shoes that I can wear every day and will last me forever.

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Outfit Details:

Tank- Madewell


Choker-World Market

Leather Jacket- ASOS






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