My Go-To Fall Makeup Look

My first makeup tutorial…eeek. I’ve had a couple of requests to do something makeup related so I thought this easy bronzy look would be perfect! For those of you who know me well, you know I’m usually the go-to person when you need your makeup done. Some of my regular clients include my roommate, Lisa, my best friend, Tamanna, and a bunch of sorority girls throughout my time here in college. I really love makeup and sharing my tips and tricks with anyone who will listen!

I once got in a heated argument with a thirteen year old boy about whether or not makeup is an art. I advocated that of course makeup is an art! He thought I was crazy. He claimed, “you need paints and brushes to do art!” and “makeup doesn’t require any real skill the way art does”. For anyone who has taken their hand to a girl’s makeup drawer, you’ll know that makeup is, in fact, an art. The various colors and palettes are your paints and the face is your canvas. It can make you into whoever you want to be. I certainly don’t wear makeup everyday, but I love using it to enhance my natural features, match an outfit, or just make myself feel better when I’m feeling crummy. Its become a method of relaxation for me.



I always start off with a clean face and do a little prep. The first step is always brows! I am #blessed to have thick brows that I never need to fill in. My brow maintenance consists of getting them threaded once every 3 weeks and combing through them with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel.

Now you’re probably wondering what I’m doing in the third picture. Yes that’s tape. When I’m doing an eye shadow look I like to use tape to create a crisp line from the bottom of my eye to my eyebrow. After the tape is removed you’ll be left with a clean upward sloping line.



Moving on to eye shadow, I’m using these three colors to create this look. The used the bronze shadow all over my lid, used the second one on the outer half of my lid, and used the third one through the crease. DON’T FORGET TO BLEND!!!


To add a little definition I applied a thin line of gel liner to my upper lid and smudged it out with a black eye shadow. This is by far my favorite way to wear eyeliner. It gives you the same sultry effect of a smokey eye with less intensity and less work.


Last, but certainly not least, MASCARA. This L’oreal telescopic mascara is freaking amazing. It’s from the drugstore but really lengthens and volumizes my lashes better than any high-end mascara I’ve ever used. (Also pictured: the uncomfortable process of removing the tape from my eyes)


Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer in Medium Dark

SOMEONE CALL KIM K…BECAUSE I STOLE HER TECHNIQUE. Remember people: triangles under the eyes to brighten.

Original Beauty Blender


NOT PICTURED: usually I would set my concealer with a translucent powder to set it into place! Also, if I know I’m going out to an event or want my makeup to stay all day I’ll always start with a face primer. This day I was lazy and just didn’t.

A Note On Foundation: You may have noticed that I’m not using foundation! Well I actually NEVER wear a full face of foundation. I’ve been adamant about my skin care since the age of 12 to ensure that my face is clear and blemish free and so I never have to pile on heaps of face makeup.


Jane Iredale Bronzing Powder in Reddish Brown

DSC_0293 (1)

Instead of blush, I decided to actually use this shimmery bronzer instead. It warms up the face and I like how it darkens up the look a little more for fall. I’ve put most of my peachy pinks away as the colder weather approaches. If you have any recommendations for fall/winter blushes let me know in the comments!


I’m all about those chiseled lines and cheekbones. Using a mix of the three bronzers from this palette I used my Nars ITA brush (specifically meant for contouring) and contoured the hollows of my cheeks and down my jaw line.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in Champagne Pop


Using the TINIEST amount, I placed some liquid highlighter on the high points of my cheeks and blended in with my fingers. Usually I’ll have a little left over and I love taking it down my nose or putting some on my collarbone.


MAC Longwear Lip Pencil in Absolutely It and MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam 3


I’m literally obsessed with this combination. I use it almost every time I’ve been wearing makeup recently. Since I have natural red undertones in my lips, nudes and pinks don’t work great for me. This brownish-red is a “my lips but better” color that makes them look full and plump.


I really hope you enjoyed my first ever makeup tutorial here on LifeOfLaili! This was such a fun post to create and I can’t wait to do more makeup related posts in the future! If you have any requests for my next blog post, leave a comment below!

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