A Weekend In Sacramento ft. Shopcuffs

I hope everyone enjoyed my first collaboration with Shopcuffs boutique! This week I decided to go a little fancier with my outfit choice. I’ve really been into the menswear winter vibes and when I saw this coat I knew I wanted to do something with it. This outfit is perfect for a weekend out in the city!

There’s something special about Midtown Sacramento, especially in the fall. Every time I tell people that I love Sac I get weird looks, but I really don’t think this lovely city gets enough credit. Lately, my friends and I have been going to the best brunch places like Pushkins and Cafeteria 15L, enjoying the changing of the leaves, and strolling through the beautiful streets. If you’re from the Sacramento area you NEED to watch the new movie Ladybird. Its based and filmed in the area and is a coming of age story like no other. Very raw and VERY funny.

laili_60laili_45laili_51I’ve been seeing denim and menswear paired together a lot recently. Since these jeans are loose and the coat is over-sized, I wanted to keep my shape and this charcoal bodysuit does just that. Paired with this black clutch, this look is chic and will keep you warm during the fall and winter chill. I’ve loved working with Shopcuffs for these last two blog posts and I’m excited to start bringing more content to LifeOfLaili as we move on into the new year.

All parts of this outfit can be found in store or online at



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