My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

I cannot express how excited I am for this year to come to a close. Its been filled with trials and tribulations of all sorts and I feel I’m not the only one who thinks so. One of my customers at Anthropologie told me this year was difficult for everyone because “Mars was in retrograde many times” or something along those lines. I’m not sure what that means or if any of that is real but at least now I can blame Mars for this trying year.

Even though this year wasn’t my favorite, it was and will always be one of the most important years of my life because of how much I’ve grown. Just in this past year I’ve dealt with learning more about my mental health, changing relationships, being a founding member of a sorority and planning it’s first recruitment, exploring new social scenes, dealing with loss, many over-dramatic identity crises, and overall figuring out what I like and what makes me feel fulfilled and happy.

Its probably not surprising that I’m a list-keeping/goal-oriented kind of girl. I’m all about those “New Year, New Me” posts and developing New Year’s Resolutions that I know I can accomplish. Every year as I think about my resolutions I start with an overarching theme and divide my goals into the same five categories. The theme of 2016 as I started my college experience was really just self-discovery and becoming comfortable with who I am. 2017’s (click to read last year’s resolutions) theme was more along the lines of finding out how to use this new self-knowledge to navigate and interact with the world around me. This leads me to reveal the theme of 2018: pursuing knowledge and expanding my horizons (cheesy but true). The trick is to make your resolutions so easy and doable that you don’t flake on them after a month.


-Post once a month on

-Learn how to salsa dance

-Go into nature at least once a month whether its a drive, a hike, or camping. This is a big one for me because I’m quite the city girl but everyone tells me its great out there so I think its time I gave trees and mountains a try.

-Sing in public (open mic nights, karaoke, school musicals) at least three times this year

-Wear eyeshadow at least once a week



-Continue to meditate for ten minutes every day using the Headspace app

-Use my Happiness Planner every day for 100 days

Stop Cussing (wish me luck) (UPDATE: I gave this one up already 1.14.18, the rest are going strong)



-Follow my weekly workout regime and stop cheating my workouts

-Finally get that fifth chin-up and pull-up

-Go meatless for one day a week

-Limit myself to only one sugary food a day



-Spend time with at least one sorority sister a week



-Maintain my GPA

-Get a summer internship

-Read the news for at least ten minutes a day

-Speak more Spanish so I don’t forget it

-Improve my reading endurance by reading for progressively longer periods of time every day (or every other day realistically)


I’m feeling good about my resolutions this year. I was able to accomplish most of mine from the past two years and I don’t plan on stopping now. I think I like the challenge. Does anyone else feel like this is going to be a really great year?! Maybe it has something to do with even numbers. They just seem kinder.

I’m going to need some help executing and keeping these resolutions. Next time you see me, talk to me only in Spanish, make me go on a hike with you, and then slap me when I say “f*ck no”.



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